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Archery - bows, arrows, protection, targets

Basketball - shoes, balls and clothing

Darts - dartboards, darts, flights

Boxing - gloves, gumshields, head protection

Snooker - cues, balls, snooker tables, chalk

Table tennis - bats, paddles, balls, table, nets

Our sports offerings don't end there!

If you love playing racket sports then you will need the right attire to play. Catering for all racket sports, we have all you need including tennis balls, squash balls, shuttlecocks and special court shoes.

Racket sports

Other sports we cover!

We don't just cater for the most popular and widely regarded sports. If you are into racket sports such as tennis, badminton or squash then we have the sportswear and equipment for you. Equally, if you prefer darts, hockey, netball, fitness or boxing, Seaton Sports of Telford have a variety of clothing and fitness equipment for you.

If you are an avid skier, a bowls enthusiast or a personal fitness lover then there is plenty for you too. Everything from sportswear to equipment such as bowls, fitness apparel, various types of trainers and fitness equipment is available from our store. If you have something in particular you are seeking, pick up the phone and get in touch today.

Sports for all

Are you after top quality sportswear? Call us on 01952 252 259

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