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We offer a great range of running footwear, clothing and equipment from brands like Asics and New Balance to Ron Hill and Polar.

Let us help you with your club kit. Choose from off the shelf or bespoke alternatives depending on your needs. We already supply local clubs and stock a variety of kit for them at our store in Wellington. So for professional looking club kit, call us or get in touch for more information.

Great Brands at great prices

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Choosing the correct running shoe can be a minefield and the options available can be confusing. Why not try our Gait Assesment service and let our friendly and knowledgeable staff help.


We use a camera and a treadmill to video how you run. This is then analysed to help determine the correct support you need in your running shoes. The correct support in a shoe can be vital and is a good way to help prevent injury from the repetitive strains put on your body from funning on hard surfaces. Call or contact us for details or pop along to our store.

It's not only the right clothing and footwear you need. Bright clothing and light colours to make you visible, particularly in the darker months is essential. Reflective strips enhance visibility on your clothes and footwear, so reflective sports clothing is always recommended. We offer all of these items, so you can focus on your fitness.

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